Our actions:

Our aid for reconstruction is organized according to 3 axes:

  • Provide knowledge to rebuild buildings according to anti-seismic standards.
    Thanks to contacts established with the Ecole d’Architecture de Lyon (ENSAL) and the association CAPA (Comprendre Agir Par l’Architecture) created by the engineers of ENSAL, we were able to publish a set of recommendations for earthquake-resistant reconstruction based on techniques and materials from the region.
  • Train teams of workers in these techniques by the implementation of building sites for the schools.
  • Financing the construction of a dozen houses in 2017 and 2018.

Early 2017, the first building site led by Vincent PENA (CAPA): the house of Sokal RAI

June 2017, the second building site carried out by the workers trained by Vincent PENA: the house of Jange MAGAR