The nearest hospital is in Paphlu, which is 2 days walk away, and patients are most often transported there by doko or stretcher. To meet first aid needs, it was decided in 2011 to build a dispensary clinic in Rapcha.
It was inaugurated in April 2013 and the association supported its operation until its certification by the Nepalese government in early 2017.

The salaries of the two nurses are now paid by the central government.

The clinic offers good quality care and is also attended by many patients from other villages quite far from Basa such as Juving VDC and Waku VDC on the other bank of the Dudhkoshi river.

Our action:

  • Purchase of equipment, fridge, sterilizer, medical bed, and so on
  • Coverage of medication at 50%:

The different stages of the project:

In 2011, the work on the clinic started with the preparation an esplanade:

Construction of the clinic by the village people:

Visit of the clinic in 2012

By the group of trekkers led by Jacques Cluchat:

Inauguration of the clinic: