The golden rule of the association created in 1995 by a group of trekkers that loved to hike in the Himalayas, is to respect the traditions, and allow the inhabitants themselves to control the orientation and speed of development.

The support of the association is friendly, moral and financial.

  • Participate in a reflection on the future of a village community while respecting its traditions.
  • Support development activities in cooperation with the members of the community.
  • Instigate and develop friendly relations and all other forms of exchange to allow better knowledge and reciprocal understanding.

Framework of the action

From the reflection on the future of the village by multiples exchanges among its members, organized in work groups (solidarity trek, water, media development, internet site) but also with the villagers who travel to Katmandu and who can then correspond with the association by internet or facebook.

Regular voyages that allow discussions about the projects and the requests of the villagers.

Main actions

Since 1995, the main actions have been:

  • The education of children by aiding the construction of schools and participation towards teacher salaries.
  • The construction of a 95m long metal bridge over the Dudh Kosi river to improve the accessibility of the village.
  • The instauration of a solidarity trek in the surrounding hills of the village.
  • The construction of a dispensary.
  • Help in the reconstruction of houses and schools after the earthquake of 2015.