Shokal’s house

Shokal’s house has finally been nearly achieved, as witnessed by the photos taken early march 2017 . It is somewhat bigger as planned, but it was intended as a work training programme and it will be later possible to build smaller structures.
After two and a half months spent in Nepal, Vincent, the young mason, expert on  rehabilitation who supervised the reconstruction of the house for our association, can really be proud of the work done.

Among the selected families for the first phase of works, we chose Shokal because he was a widower with two young children and he had   generously offered land for the construction of the health clinic.

Vincent’s work has not been a long, quiet river without obstacles in spite of the very good preparations of last october.
Although anticipated, problems due to the supply of materials have delayed the project as well as the purchase of adapted products for wood teatment has been made necessary.
But the most acute problem was that of workforce. It had been agreed in October that the inhabitants would  help unremunerated on the basis of reciprocity and solidarity.
However, there are many other building sites in Rapcha and it is undestandable that these remunerated sites are more attractive for the population, especially that our construction site was not a collective one.
If the expenses for building materials won’t grow, the costs for each next house will double if the people are to be remunerated so that our project might be impacted.

The second phase of our programme is still planned for autumn 2017: 5 new houses if the necessary materials have been collected and if the workers have firmly pledged to continue.